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The following links below contain many of the over 500 Bible verses that speak of the importance of the name of YEHOVAH as well as names in general. Many of the 500+ verses (KJV) contain both the name of YEHOVAH (as "the LORD") as well as the word "name." In the Old Testament verses we have replaced the title "the LORD" with YEHOVAH for you.  For New Testament verses also consider that the word "Lord" (lower case) may actually be referring to YEHOVAH or Yehoshua (depending on context).  We have updated those for you as well.  Additionally, G_d has been changed to Elohim.  The verses have been categorized into several options:
Proclamation verses are verses in which YEHOVAH Himself proclaims His name.  Key verses are verses of critical importance regarding the Name.  Command verses are verses that contain specific instructions regarding the Name.  Blessing/Promise verses are verses that pertain to blessings in the Name or promises in the Name.   Curse verse are verses that describe a negative effect involving an action or non-action regarding the Name.
A note about Blessing and Curse verses
In ancient Hebrew times a "blessing" represented the favor of the person bestowing it and depending on that person's standing could be immensely valuable. This term is basically used in the same manner today. However, the term "curse" as it was used in the past is not as we commonly would understand it in the 21st century, i.e., as a gypsy curse of the evil eye, but rather as a way to describe negative situation coming upon one as a consequence of their actions.  In Webster's dictionary a curse is defined as: "a cause of great harm or misfortune."   Blessings were highly valued by the priests and people of the times, and curses avoided at all costs.